Best Ways to Styling a Beret- What Every Woman Should Know

Women’s hats have evolved to become fancy fashion accessories. They come in distinct styles and colors, and are a great way of completing your look. An example is a beret, which is favorite among many. This hat is unique and traces its history to decades ago. Also, it’s part of the uniform for both military and police units. You can wear a beret t in various ways, though!

How can I style my beet?

  1. Muted makeup works best

Makeup is an excellent way of completing your look, and you don’t want your hat to ruin it. Berets are known for coning off often, and applying minimal makeup will go a long way. If your hat brushes off your lipstick or mascara, it will spoil your entire look. Therefore, pull that stunning look by applying a subtle tinted lip balm or mascara.

  1. Pair it with modern fashion accessories 

Add a bold fashion accessory to your outfit to modernize your look. This works best if you’re feeling somewhat outdated. For instance, choose a patent leather jacket, stylish chains, or those cute dad shoes. They will highlight your outfit and showcase your style and taste.

  1. Make it stand out

Wear a beret hat as a focal point. If you have worn your best outfit and are still feeling underdressed, the hat will accentuate your look. The trick lies in the choice of color, though! Go bold with color to add pomp to your outfit. Choose bright yellow, red, or stay neutral with black. No matter your choice, make your hat stand out.

  1. Make it transitional

 For many women, the beret is all weather. It’s heavy enough to warm your head in winter and light enough for spring wear. It blends in well with transitional clothes such as long-sleeved dresses and blouses. Moreover, it will enhance your look by adding that feminine touch to your style.

  1. Strike a balance

 You may choose the most expensive beret on the market, but your outfit choice matters. Don’t fret, though! The beret is one of the most feminine hats around, and you can easily add that rock feel to your look with such a hat. Pair it with boots, a combat jacket, and a slip dress to strike a balance. A simple beret can make a dull outfit look stylish and artistic.

  1. Avoid buns

Wearing a beret can be challenging when you have long hair. But this shouldn’t deter you from pulling that cute look. Avoid wearing a beret over a bun; it won’t fit well and look ridiculous. Instead, let your hair flow freely on the sides; it will look stunning, flowing from your fancy hat.

Wrapping up

 A hat is a great way to spruce up your look, and a beret works best when you want to achieve that hip, fashionable look. You’ll get different styles and colors in the market; choose one to match your outfit, skin color, and sense of style. Also, shop from reputed stores and consider the type of material. Durable fabrics last longer and give you the best value for your money.

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