A Complete Guide for Buying a Lightsaber

The real lightsaber is simply the closest replica made from the lightsaber usually shown in Star War anime, movies, or series. A lightsaber is the same as swords-like weapons that comprise plasma hilt and beam when you have the tool activated for a battle.

An authentic lightsaber also has blades and hilts that have the ability to light when it gets activated. So to help you buy a real lightsaber effortlessly, the following are tips to consider:

1.     First Learn How to Build a Lightsaber Blade

Building lightsaber blades are fun and simple and are something you can enjoy doing as a hobby and for fun. There are several steps to building a star wars lightsaber. One of the first steps involves ensuring you have the necessary parts to make everything work.

The right kind of lightsaber blade is made of lightweight materials since the weight normally limits how far it may fly and for how long it will last before breaking.

When building a real lightsaber, the best place to look is online or in some stores. It is a great idea to ensure you know how to use other parts before you begin building.

There are many lightsaber designs online, which you may buy to build the weight. Be sure to read all the directories before you begin building to avoid getting hurt.

2.     Go Through Reviews

When buying a lightsaber for the first time, whether in a physical store or online shop, it is obvious to make some mistakes and get confused in the process.

Going through reviews from previous customers will offer you additional features regarding the quality of a lightsaber.

Know that reviews will make you change the decision to buy products as they may negatively or positively affect you.

As much as reviews say a lot about lightsaber, it is imperative to do research on the product since going through reviews may not be enough to make the right choice.

3.     Consider Button Placement

Based on how you deal with your real lightsaber, either with two or one hand, it is important to fully control the buttons.

When buying a lightsaber for dueling or shooting a film/movie, it would be best to consider the right button placement for the hands. Ensure the buttons are simple to turn both on and off to allow you to easily access all the special features.

4.     Check the Color

As far as choosing colors is concerned, you will need to do research extensively. Some colors are hard to read on computer screens.

But you may always go for something more colorful with a great impact. Consider buying one of the yellow lightsabers. You are going to like it. Though lightsabers with color-changing features can as well be a suitable option.

Final Remarks!

If you are looking for a real star wars lightsaber, be sure to keep an eye on official movie prop auctions since those are the only places you may get them.

Those used in movies don’t make sounds, light up, or do anything apart from look good. Though when it comes to geek events, there are no substitutes.

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