Why Do Women Prefer High Heel Shoes?

Standing for long hours wearing the same high-heeled shoes can be extremely painstaking. If you’re someone who has to do so for work related issues, chances are that you’ll face a lot of pain, besides grappling with posture worries! Wearing ridiculous shoes is something that most women seem to not mind simply because they look stylish or others have praised their collection. But are these worth the effort? Not at all!

So why do women wear high heeled shoes? 

Even before that, let’s come to the basics. For women, shoes are absolute style statements. Much like well-fitted clothing or the huge, chunky handbag; shoes help women showcase and reflect their true personalities. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that shoes are much like anti-depressants! So questioning why a woman loves platform heels or stilettos is akin to questioning her psychological and cultural choices.

One of the legends in the shoes industry – Manolo Bhahnik had said that even if it’s just a shoe, it helps the woman provide an escape route for a limited period of time. That period is true happiness for her. While few women often say that the leg tends to elongate once they slip into heels, there are others who like the appreciation that men bestow upon them simply because they find the figure of a woman quite attractive, after she sports high heels!

Also, there are women who wear high heels because they love their “dainty and petite feet”. Way back in the 1700s and 1800s, women actually chose to wear their shoes very tight, because that made their feet appear smaller and definitely imparted a ‘refined lady’-like appearance.  After all, women with taller and slightly athletic builds are perceived as less feminine. Now, if you happen to wear high heels, because you’ve a more or slimmer frame and moderate height- that’s the look that men truly find irresistible!

What About The Comfort Factor?

When we talk about the comfort factor, there are options aplenty. For example, the comfortable sandals for women are the first thing most women are generally on the lookout. Apart from that, there are floaters, flip-flops, slippers, wedges, brogues and even the simple ankle boots, cowboy boots and desert boots that can be worn with élan! These impart a classic look and you don’t need to forsake on the ‘comfort’ aspect too. Accessorizing with the right look is the key, and these shoes achieve that to perfection.

While there’s no denying that once in a while, you can always have the liberty of wearing heels, especially if you associate confidence and empowerment with the same. Or else, if you feel beautiful sticking to comfort-based shoes, and attach no such importance to the popular notions of societal acceptance of heels- then go for it.

How To Find The Right Shoes?

Options are endless now. Womens shoes online have now thrown open fresh doors for the shopaholics or those facing serious paucity of time to visit the retail units. As regards size and shape is concerned, there are customized options on and you can even ‘try before you buy’. So it should be no hassle now.

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