What are the other types of coffee makers?

There is a study that shows that most people are coffee drinkers because they made their own coffee at home. You will not be surprised when you visit your friend’s house that there is a sage coffee machine in their kitchen. But there are great ways for you to brew your coffee at home. And you will know different ways about brewing coffee that is not common to you.

The drip coffee makers

It is a well-known machine in most households because it is easy to use. And it is also durable, modest and it is quick to make a coffee as it can make four coffees at a time.

The thermal coffee makers

The thermal coffee makers work like drip coffee brewers but it has a special usage. It keeps your coffee in an insulated thermal container. This container is making your coffee hot for hours without cooking your coffee. The machine is sitting on a hot surface that produces a bitter and wide brew.

The espresso machine

Those home espresso machines can be expensive compared to other coffee makers. These espresso machines are quite difficult to handle and you have to exert much effort. It is worth it for those who love espresso coffee. When you get the right process to produce a delicious coffee that coffee shops also make.

The percolators

It is a coffee machine that is fun to hear and watch as it brews your coffee. When you use percolators they also make a constant flavorful coffee. But most people change this by drip brewers because they have to assemble the parts and it is hard to clean. Yet when you want a tasteful and flavorful coffee you better use this to achieve the coffee that you want.

The siphon coffee makers

It is also called vacuum pot coffee makers. This kind of coffee maker is unrealistic for your everyday use of coffee. As it has too many delicate parts and it is time-consuming when you make your morning coffee. But this machine is producing a great taste of coffee which most people love. This design is also perfect for a showpiece when you want to entertain your guests in the house.

The french press

Most people called it a plunger pot or press pot because of its appearance. They mostly used this because it makes everything easier. You can easily make coffee and clean it which you can also bring during your travels. This is using a mesh metal filter which makes your coffee flavorful as it pours all the flavor in the cup.

The AeroPress

When you see this AeroPress it looks like a big syringe and you can make a smooth espresso coffee without using an electric machine. This is easy to use and clean which you can also take while you are traveling from another country.

The Vietnamese coffee maker

When you want a coffee that is cold and sweet this might be the perfect machine for you. This type of coffee usually adds cream or condensed milk and sugar to make an excellent sweet coffee.

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