What makes a quality concealed carry holster?


Many people do not take their firearm gear seriously but the truth of the matter is, your gun will be as good as the gear or the holster that you use to carry with. When you are buying a gun holster, you should never make the mistake of just picking the first one that comes your way. It is very important to choose based on different factors and after doing your research. Many people end up making mistakes when they are buying holsters because they are uninformed, they are very lazy and some are very impatient. You must choose a holster for your firearm that is of great quality. Although you may be owning a shoulder holster that is on the lower end and it is doing what it is supposed to do, that doesn’t mean that it is doing it in the right way. To find a good quality holster, there are things that you must consider doing. Here are some of them


The first important thing to do is researching thoroughly. Just like any major purchase in your life, you should never take a holster purchase lightly. Before making any move, you should do a lot of research first. Your holster purchase should be considered a major purchase because your life will at some point depend on the gear you own. If you can’t find a reliable holster that will help you carry your gun day in day out and keep it safe, it will be better if you just left your gun at home. When you are researching, look at things such as the quality of the gun holster, the material used, the type, and other important things.

Never associate quality with price

This is one of the worst mistakes that people make these days when they are buying a gun holster. Just because a gun holster is expensive means that it is of great quality. Instead of associating quality to price, you should associate quality with things such as the material used and the type of holster. The best holster is one that has been made from the best material ever. It is also one that can be longer-lasting, holds the gun safely, and makes sure that you can draw your firearm with ease.

Things to look for

Things to look for in 1911 holsters are also what makes a holster good or bad. There are important things such as the Kydex, the leather option, the clips, and the backing options that should always be considered. Things that are very important to look for include the retention of the holster, make sure that your pistol fits into the holster correctly, and that the pistol is well molded into the holster. In any case, always choose a holster that will stay with you all day long without any difficulties. You should never reach a point where you are feeling like the holster is a burden to you.

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