Disadvantages of online shopping

When you are out looking for the best deals online, you might end up encountering certain disadvantages that include:

Negative environmental impact of gas and packaging

There are times when you purchase something that has been packaged in various plastic and cardboard layers of packaging and delivered to your doorstep which is a good thing for yourself but a negative thing to the environment. Even if you try recycling the cardboard, you are going to create waste which is unnecessary when you shop online.

Shipping delays and problems

Even for the best and big shipping company as well as the online retailers also have their bad days, thus, there will not be any way ensuring that you will be able to get your hands on your purchases on time unless you are getting them direct from the store. Items at times get lost, damaged, detoured, or delivered to an address which is wrong, more often than you might try to imagine.

Risking fraud

If you shop online, there is a risk of facing fraud; phishing, card scams, identity theft, hacking, products which are counterfeit, websites which are bogus and much more which are quite common.

Spending a lot of time online

That is especially true if your job entails looking at the computer the whole day, you might end up getting burned out on all the screen time. Online shopping can turn in a marathon of clicking and scrolling down rabbit holes and thus you know it, you have spent most of the day online. the internet is a great place that you can visit, but you might not like living there.

Less contact with the community

If you like doing all your businesses online, you might not have to leave your home at any given time. It might feel great for a while but at times, you might wish to go outside to get some fresh air, change of scenery, talk to others, and participate in your community, and just be part of the outside world. There are times when a computer monitor might not compete with a connection with real human.

You are not sure of what you are getting yourself into

Unless you are fully familiar with a product or brand, to purchase online require faith, on that might not end up in your favor. There are times when sizes are imprecise. You cannot be able to determine the texture, fit fabric, durability, heft, quality or cut of what you are getting by just observing the photo. There are products which look great and can fill awkward chintzy when holding them in your own hands

Returns tend to be complicated

There are certain sellers that make the process to be quite breezy, but for some, they make it to seem extra hard for you to return what you have picked or get back your money. Most of the time, you can end up not being reimbursed for the shipping costs. Packaging, labeling, tracking, shipping and filling out all the right forms is a hassle which you might be able to avoid if you buy in a store in person.

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