How to Shop for Maternity Clothes As a Pregnant Mother

Congratulations! You are pregnant with your first child. Or maybe you are on baby number two, three, or more. Wherever you are in your pregnancy journey as a mother, we know shopping for maternity clothes can get stressful as your body is going through numerous changes to support your growing baby.

Here we have how to shop for maternity clothes as a pregnant mother with all the tips and tricks you need while you are thinking about where to shop for maternity clothes, take a break with a promozioni slot game. Remember to bet discretionary income responsibly.

Start With Your Current Size

You can safely and easily shop your normal size in women’s clothing and get that same size in maternity clothes. Of course, all body styles will fit the clothing differently.

Rather than ordering online, try to find a local retailer that sells maternity clothes so that you can try them on. Try your current size and the size above to see which one is more comfortable for you.

What Makes Maternity Clothes So Convenient

Most maternity tops such as T-shirts and tank tops have what’s called side ruching on the sides. The ruching stretches to accommodate the pregnant woman’s growing stomach during pregnancy.

As for leggings, dress pants, and jeans, they have a tummy sleeve on them so that you can wear your normal size (or a size up as all pregnancies affect women differently). The tummy sleeve also stretches far to make dressing for expecting mothers comfortable without having to wear tight pants.

Some dresses have ruching on the sides like T-shirts and tank tops for a more form-fitting look. Other dresses are created accordingly to accommodate a pregnant woman’s body comfortably and nicely without the ruching.

Go Up a Band Size and Cup Size for a Bra

Pregnant mothers experience expanding rib cages and larger breasts during pregnancy as they grow their new baby. Hence, going up a band size and one cup size for your maternity bras is the best bet to be the most comfortable.

If you can shop in a clothing store that offers maternity styles ask one of the representatives to size you for a bra. Try on different band and cup sizes close to your original size to find the best fit for you.

If the bra becomes too tight for you further in your pregnancy, you can purchase a bra extender rather than new styles altogether. It will save you money and make you feel more comfortable as you can customize where the clasp lies.

How Many of Each Maternity Clothing Item Do I Need?

The leading maternity clothing brand, Motherhood Maternity, recommends starting with at least three maternity bras. Their motto is that you will have one bra in the wash, one bra that you can wear, another that you can spare, and the last one to sleep in.

Your breasts may feel pain as your milk comes in because of the surging progesterone hormone throughout your body. This is why the maternity clothing retailer recommends sleeping with a bra if it makes you more comfortable.

Have at least two pairs each of leggings, jeans, shorts, and dress pants (if needed), so you can rotate them out. Do the same for T-shirts, tank tops, dress shirts, and dresses. Find your favorite neutral colors so you can essentially make a maternity capsule wardrobe.


Good luck to you during the rest of your pregnancy. We wish for you and the baby to be healthy!

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