Are You Thinking Of Buying Candles? Know About 3 Extensive Features Preferred By Regular Consumers

Many consumers are willing to purchase candles; buying them could be different for different people. A businessman who wants to enhance their candle business should know the preference of consumers. The things that a consumer most prefers must be offered in the candle to make it a trending choice of customers. It has been noted that fragrance is the important thing that everybody pays attention to while buying candles.

There could be several other reasons, but the fragrance is the most important thing preferred by almost every customer. The light it provides, its insect repellent capacity, and its price are also some of the other factors noticed before purchasing. 9 out of 10 customers prefer candle that is fragrant and can enhance mood. Anybody who is a huge fan of candles should buy them from wholesale candles to get a considerable discount and the best quality product.

Most Popular Candles-

  1. Scented Jars

These are the decorated jars made up of any item with a high melting point, such as Steel or crockery. The outer material could be glass or any other decorative material. This jar is filled with wax that is usually scented and is available in several fragrances. People love the jars that have two wicks as compared to the one which has a single wick. The scented candles, which are double wicked, give more fragrance rather than the single one. These candles are used at tea parties and in rooms during the night or at candlelight dinners.

  1. Colorful Pillars

It has been seen that the majority of the population who is purchasing candles prefer colorful pillars. These candles are changed for home decoration and usually purchased after matching with curtains and home interior. Most people consider purchasing pillars at festivals and special occasions. On simple days, tea lights and jar candles are preferred, as they are safer to keep daily. Some people prefer going to smell over color, and the most choose and colors are blue, pink, peach, and red.

  1. Special Wax Candle

The wax which is used for making the candle is also considered by several consumers while purchasing. It has been seen that candle wax does not make a great contribution in choosing the candle, but some people prefer it. In a survey, it has been seen that around 14% of people prefer candles made of beeswax, whereas 12.5% of people prefer oil wax candles, and around 8% of people love purchasing candles made of the wax blend. Therefore, a shopkeeper or a wholesale businessman of the candle should also pay attention to the type of wax used.

Concluding Lines

These were some of the important aspects that a consumer considers before purchasing any variety of candles. Remember that majority of the population purchase candles in spring and during the winter season. But you can easily say that more than half of the population purchase candles throughout the year for different purposes.

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