How about using scented candles?

Unlike traditional wax Candles, scented Candles now come in an array of fragrances, scents and bases. Manufacturers work very closely with fragrance houses to develop scented formulas which are not just pleasing, but also will burn normally and safely. However, the only real difference between a traditional wax Candle and scented one is that a scented Candle is actually releasing a scent with each use.

The essential oils used in creating scented cheap Candles are generally either essential or fragrance oils. Essential oils are specific, concentrated plant oils such as rose, eucalyptus, jasmine, lavender, pine, lavender and thyme, which have properties which make them naturally volatile when they are put into contact with air.

When you light a scented Candle you are releasing these oils into the air with the burning of the Candle. Essential oil vapors are considered highly toxic, and therefore manufacturers do not recommend breathing any fumes from burning Candles. However, these oils can be released into the air during the burning of a scented Candle, and this is how some of the fragrances in scented Candles are perceived.

To reduce the dangers of releasing toxins into the air, manufacturers have developed low toxicity glass containers for their scented Candles. Most Candles manufacturers will warn you that their products may release toxins into the air if you hold them directly above your skin, because they tend to be glass containers. Glass is often used because it is an exceptionally good conductor of heat.

However, like many glass containers, some heat is trapped within the glass, which then causes the toxins to escape into the air. Candle wax is generally mixed with carrier oils in order to make the finished product, although the exact makeup of the wax may vary, depending on the recipe.

Fragrance oil vapors can also escape into the air. It has been estimated that about one fourth of all fragrance oil products released into the environment are lost in vapor. These tiny particles can cling to almost any surface and easily float through the air. As these particles settle, they often find their way into the lungs of the people who are breathing in them.

When enough particles have settled to the point where they can no longer be breathed in, they can cause short term or long term health problems. Long term exposure to these tiny particles has been known to cause chronic lung disease and asthma, and there is evidence that even short-term exposure to some chemicals used in scented Candles can have similar effects on the lungs.

In addition to toxins released into the air by scented Candles, they can also cause reactions in people who are allergic or sensitive to certain scents. When a Candle is burning, the reaction that is produced in some people is a release of histamine. This chemical compound is a result of swelling of the blood vessels that transport serotonin. Serotonin is an essential neurotransmitter that is involved in controlling moods and feelings. It is believed that Candles that contain natural essential oils can interfere with the normal function of serotonin, therefore increasing feelings of depression and anxiety.

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