Best Ways To Get Clothes At A Highly Discounted Price

What’s the biggest factor that leads to people abandoning their shopping carts? Undoubtedly, it’s the accumulation of price tags that hit consumers like bullets in the chest.

If you resonate with the previous statement, we have compiled a list of actionable items just for you, so that you can dodge the bullets of hefty price tags.

  1. Use a shopping app: The success of the best shopping apps can be attributed to their features and ease that they bring to their consumers, who prefer convenience to anything else. Likewise, for consumers shopping on a budget, these apps are nothing less than a blessing. On average, it is possible to find clothes at a reduced price on apps, as compared to stores. Apps periodically run discount programs and sales. By tapping onto these opportunities, shopping for clothes at a discounted price becomes as easy as scrolling through your social media feed.
  1. Shop off-season: If you’re somebody who prefers to shop from stores and don’t give in to seasonal trends, this advice might be relevant to you. When shopping for clothes, plan ahead of the season what types of clothes you want to buy. For instance, the last months of summer could be a good time to shop for older stocks of winter clothing if you want to avail of the reduced prices. The only downside of shopping off season is that you would miss out on the new arrivals.
  1. Utilize discount coupons: Whether you’re shopping for clothes online or in person through clothing stores, you would come across offers that reward you with discount coupons when your total bill exceeds a certain amount. Although these discount coupons are mainly to build a loyal customer base, you can take advantage of them to get your favorite clothes at a very affordable price.
  1. Refer and Earn: Shopping apps have opened new avenues for people to curate their style statements without having to leave their homes. Apps like LimeRoad and Ajio have seen a tremendous increase in installs across all app stores, which is a clear indication that shopping apps have been highly embraced and preferred by consumers in the modern digital era. Shopping apps often run referral programs to attract more customers. By inviting friends and family to install and join the app using your referral code, you not only introduce them to the app’s benefits, but also earn exclusive discounts. You can potentially take advantage of the referral program, and get rewarded with discounts in your next purchase.
  1. Go thrifting: Thrift shopping has emerged as a trend amongst the youth that highly embrace sustainability. Thrift shopping is often seen in a negative light by some people, however, it is a practical way to reduce waste and contribute to a more environmentally friendly fashion industry. Additionally, thrift shops often offer clothes at a reduced price, making it possible for budget conscious customers to get clothes of good quality at a lower price.


There can be multiple ways to get clothes at discounted prices, but all the above mentioned efforts require buyers to have a keen eye on the offers running in their region. As a thumb rule, festivals or seasonal sales are the times that summon the best discounts on shopping apps and clothing stores alike.

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